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E-Resources are information products that a library provides through a computer network. These include electronic books, journals, databases, and library website pages. 

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Accessing E-Resources

1. Access the library homepage at

2. Under E-Resources menu click on on any of the e-resources locator tools:

a) SearchAll

b) E-Databases

c) A-to-Z List of Journals

Only Sunway University and Sunway College Students and staff registered with the Libray have access to the Library's subscribed e-databases, SearchAll and A-to-Z List pf E-Journals. Type in Library User ID and PIN to authenticate the account as shown below:

User ID: For students, the User ID is the student ID on the student card. For staff, the User ID is the serial card number on the verso of the staff card.

PIN: By default is 1234. This can be changed later from "My Account."

1. Access the library homepage at

2. Under E-Resources menu click on E-Databases.

3. You may be asked for username & password in the next screen. Type in details as shown in "How to find E-Resources" tab.

4. A list of E-Databases is displayed.

5. Click on tabs to browse the list of databases by:

a) Title: Titles of e-databases are listed alphabetically.

b) Type: Titles of e-databases are arranged according to type, e.g. dictionaries, electronic books.

c) Subject: Titles of e-databases are arranged according to Subjects, e.g. Business, Computer Science

6. To access a database, click on the title of the database, e.g. Academic OneFile@Gale Cengage Learning.

1. Access the library homepage at

2. Click on the tab SearchAll.

3. Type in search term, e.g. marketing research.

4. Choose the field you are interested in: Keyword, Title and Author.

5. Click on Search.

1. Access the library homepage at

2. Under E-Resources menu click on E-Databases.

1. Click on Hello, Guest. Login for full access, to obtain full access.

2. Type in your User ID and PIN. Please refer to "How to find E-Resources" tab.

1. Once login, type in the search terms, e.g. renewable energy in the search box.

2. Click on the dropdown menu and select the field of the searh: Keyword, Title or Author

3. Click on Search.

4. A list of search results is displayed. The results could be books, ebooks, academic journals, videos, etc. 

5. Refine Search Results by checking the relevant boxes of options in the left panel, under Limit To, Source Type, Subject, Publisher and etc.  

6(a). To obtain books

i) To limit search results that are books, under Source Types, click on Show more. A list of various source type is displayed for selection. 

ii) Check the box for Books only.

iii) Click on Update.

iv) A list of search results for Books is displayed. To retrieve a book from the shelf, note Call Number and Location/Status.

v) For an item that is an e-book, click on Online Access to view the book. 

6(b). To obtain journal articles

i) In the left panel under Source Type, check the box for Academic Journals only. 

ii) A list of search results of articles from academic journals is displayed.

iii) Click on the title for item information.

iv) To view the article, click on PDF Full Text.

1. From the screen below, click on Advanced Search

2. Enter the search term(s) in the boxes. 

e.g. Combined author + title research

3. Type search term, e.g. global warming, and select Title.

4. Type search term, e.g. William, and select Author.

5. Click on Search

The SearchAll Mobile allows user to search on the go at anytime from anywhere. It is accesible via smartphones such as iphone, Android, Blackberry and others. 

1. Scan the Library's mobile QR code.

2. Click on Hello, Guest. Login for full access and type in Library User ID and PIN as shown on the page.

3. Once logged In, click on Mobile Site view.

Note: if the view for Mobile Site does not appear after typing in Library User ID and PIN, scroll down and click on Mobile Site as circled below. 

1. Access the library homepage at

2. Under E-Resources menu click on A-to-Z List of E-Journals.

3. Type in title of a journal, e.g. Harvard Business Review.

4. Click on Search.

5. The journal title is displayed. Below are list databases. Click on the title of data base which holds the full text of the journal, e.g. Business Source Complete, to get to the journal page and then to locate the volume and article. 

1. Under the Publications, browse the journals by discipline.

2. For example, click on a discipline called Consumer Health.

3. A list of e-journal on that discipline is displayed. Click on database name, e.g. Academic Search Complete, to access the journal, e.g. American Fitness

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Why use E-Resources?

  • E-Resources contain more current information than printed materials.
  • E-Resources are easily retrieved from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet Connection. 
  • You can search for information across a huge number of resources in one go.
  • You can download, print, or send the desired document instantly.

What are the E-Resources available at Sunway Campus Library?

Sunway Campus Library provides access to the following types of E-Resources:

  • 49,800 e-journals
  • 119 e-databases
  • 122,000 e-books


If you have problems accessing our E-Resources, or require more information, contact the following library staff:

1. Help Desk Tel: 74918622 ext. 7050/7051

2. Reference Division Tel: 74918622 ext.7054/7055/7056

3. Service Counter Tel: 74918622 ext. 7073


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