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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Business ethics and social responsibility Business ethics HF5387
Social responsibility of business HD60 - HD60.5 
Business finance Accounts receivable loans  HG3752.3 
Business enterprises – Finance; Corporations – Finance  HG4001 - HG4285
Cash management HG4028.C45 
Finance HG1 - HG9999 
Product financing arrangements (Accounting)  HF5681.P76 
Calculus / Advanced calculus  Calculus  QA300 - QA316
Communication skills  Business communication HF5717 - HF5734.5 
Communication  P87 - P96 
Discrete mathematics  Computer science – Mathematics  QA76.9.M35 
Economics  Economics  HB1 - HB130
Macroeconomics HB172.5 
Microeconomics HB172
Financial accounting Accounting  HF5601 - HF5689
Financial statements  HF5681.B2 (Accounting) HG4028.B2 (Financial management) 
Financial economics Banks and banking
Financial institutions
HG1 - HG9999 
Money HG201 - HG1496
Financial management Corporations – Finance; 
Business enterprises -- Finance
HG4001 - HG4285
Financial risk management  Business enterprise -- finance  HG4026 
Financial risk management; 
Risk management
Linear algebra Algebras, Linear QA184 - QA205 (Mathematics)
Life contingencies Actuarial science HG8779 - HG8793
Annuities  HG8790 - HG8793 (Life insurance) 
Insurance HG8011 - HG9999.4 
Life insurance  HG8751 - HG9295 
Life insurance - Mathematics  HG8781 
Life insurance and takaful  Health insurance  HG9371 - HG9399
Industrial life insurance  HG9251 - HG9262 
Insurance – Islamic countries HG8719 
Life insurance HG8751 - HG9295 
Mathematical methods Mathematics QA
Management  Management ; Industrial management  HD28 - HD70 
Probability  Distribution (Probability theory) QA273.6
Probabilities  QA273 - QA274.9 (Mathematics) 
QC174.85.P76 (Statistical physics)
Risk  HB615
Programming principles Computer programming  QA76.6 - QA76.66 
Ratemaking and loss reserving for general insurance Insurance – Reserves; 
Insurance – Finance 
Casualty insurance – Rates; 
Insurance – Rates; 
Property insurance - Rates
HG8065 - HG8067
Insurance claims HG8106 - HG8107
Regression analysis Correlation (Statistics)  HA31.3; QA273 – QA281 
Estimation theory QA276.8 
Regression analysis  QA278.2 
Risk based capital modelling for non-life insures Insurance - Finance  HG8076 
Insurance companies - Investments HG8078
Risk (Insurance) HG8054.5
Risk management  HD61 
Risk theory  Risk (Insurance) HG8054.5 
Simulation and credibility theory Credibility theory (Insurance) HG8781
Insurance – Statistical methods; 
Insurance – Simulation methods 
HG8779 - HG8793
Statistics  Statistics HA (Social sciences) 
QA276 - QA280 (Mathematics)
Stochastic processes Prediction theory QA279.2 
Stochastic processes QA274 - QA274.8
Survival models  Actuarial science  HG8779 – HG8793 
Insurance - Mathematics HG8781
Insurance – Statistical methods HG8779 - HG8793 
Life expectancy – Mathematical models HB1322.3 - HB1322.35
Life tables HB1322; 
HB1331 – HB1528
Mortality – Statistical methods HB1321
Mortality tables  HG8783 - HG8785 
Population forecasting – Statistical methods HB849.53 
Theory of interest Discount HG1651 - HG1654 (Banking)
Interest rates
HB531 - HB549 (Economic theory)
HG1621 - HG1623 (Banking practice)
Time series and forecasting  Business forecasting – Statistical methods HD30.27
Economic forecasting – Statistical methods HB3720 – HB3730.2
Forecasting – statistical methods  H61.4 
Time-series analysis HA30.3; QA280


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