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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Abnormal psychology Psychology, Pathological RC435 - RC489
Human anatomy Anatomy QL801 - QL950.9 
Human anatomy  QM1 - QM695 
Nervous system QL921 - QL939 (Comparative anatomy) 
QM451 - QM471 (Human anatomy) 
QP351 – QP430 (Physiology)
Biochemistry Biochemistry QD415 - QD436 (Chemistry) 
QH345 (Biology) 
QP501 - QP801 (Physiology)
Biodiversity Biodiversity  QH92 – QH95.6 (Local, by body of water) 
QH101 – QH198 (Local, by region, etc.)
QH541.15.B56 (General) 
Biocomplexity Q175.32.C65 
Ecological heterogeneity QH541.15.E24 
Bioinformatics Bioinformatics  QH324.2 – QH324.25 
Computational biology / Systems biology QH342.2 
Biological Psychology Biological psychiatry RC321 – RC344
Psychobiology QP360 – QP360.7
Cell biology  Cell physiology QH631
Cytology / Cells QH573 - QH671
Cognitive psychology Cognition BF309 – BF499
Cognitive psychology BF201
Psychology  BF1 – BF990 
Developmental psychology Developmental psychology BF712 – BF724.92 
Genetics / Human molecular genetics  Adaptation (Biology) QH546 
Chromosomes  QH600 – QH600.6
Gene therapy RB155.8 
Genomics  QH447 – QH447.8 
Genetics QH426 – QH470
Heredity BF418 (Heredity and genius) HV6121 – HV6125 (Heredity and crime)
Human chromosome abnormalities  RB155.5 – RB155.8
Human genetics  QH431 
Human molecular genetics QH431 
Molecular biology  QH506 
Molecular genetics QH442 – QH442.6
Mutation (Biology) QH460 – QH468 
Neurogenetics QP356.22
Variation (Biology) QH401 – QH411 
Human Physiology Human physiology / Human biology  QP34 – QP38
Nervous system  QP351 – QP430 (Physiology) 
Physiology QP1 – QP981 
Psychobiology QP360 – QP360.7 
Psychophysiology  QP360 
Immunology Immunology QR180 – QR189.5
Impact of microbes on human life  Microbial biotechnology TP248.27.M53 
Microbial biotechnology QR73
Microbial biotechnology QR100 – QR129
Microbiology / Microorganisms QR1 – QR502
Statistics Biometry QH323.5 
Mathematical statistics QA276 – QA280 
Psychometrics BF39 – BF39.2 
Social sciences – Statistical methods HA29 – HA32
Psychology  Psychology BF1 – BF990 
Medical microbiology Medical microbiology  QR46
Microbiology QR1 – QR502 
Neurobiology Molecular neurobiology  QP356.2 
Neurobiology QP355 – QP356.25
Neural networks (Neurobiology) QP363.3 
Neuroanatomy QL921 – QL939 (Comparative anatomy) 
QM451 – QM471 (Human anatomy) 
Neurophysiology  QP351 – QP495 
Neurosciences RC321 – RC574 
Organic chemistry Chemistry, Organic QD241 – QD441
Research Methods Bioethics QH332 
BJ1321 – BJ1335
Biology – Methodology  QH324
Biology – Research QH315 – QH320 
Methods of research. 
Experimental biology
QH324 – QH324.9
Psychology – Methodology  BF38
Psychology – Research BF76.5
Report writing PE1478
Social sciences – Research H62 – H62.5
Sensation and Perception Perception  BF311 
QP441 – QP445
Senses and sensation BF231 – BF299 (Psychology) 
QP431 – QP495 (Physiology) 
Social Psychology Social psychology HM1001 – HM1281


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