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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Accounting / Financial accounting / Management accounting / Cost accounting Accounting HF5601 - HF5689
Amortization HF5681.A5; HG4028.A5 
Auditing HF5667 - HF5668.25
Budget in business HG4028.B8
Business enterprises – Finance – 
Mathematical models / Corporations – Finance
Mathematical models
Business losses HF5550
Cost accounting  HF5686.C8 
Depreciation / Financial statements HF5681.D5 (Accounting) 
HG4028.D4 (Financial management) 
Managerial accounting HF5657.4 
Advertising & promotion Advertising HF5801 – HF6182
Publicity HM1226
Sales promotion HF5438.5
Business communication Business communication HF5717 – HF5734.5
Financial management / Corporate finance / Business finance Business enterprises – Finance 
Corporations – Finance
HG4001 - HG4285
Financial institutions  HG1 - HG9999
Foreign exchange HG3810 - HG4000
International finance  HG3879 - HG3898
Money  HG201 - HG1496 
Business computing / Computer applications  Business – Computer programs HF5548.38 – HF5548.5 
Business - Databases  HF5548.2 
Business - Data processing HF5548.125 - HF5548.6 
Electronic commerce HF5548.32 - HF5548.33
Management information systems HD30.213 (Industrial management) 
T58.6 (Industrial engineering)
Business ethics and social responsibility Business ethic HF5387 – HF5387.5 
Corporations – Corrupt practices HV6763 – HV6771 
Social responsibility of business HD60 – HD60.5 
Business Law  Banking Law 
See also Banking law – (Name of country),
e.g. Banking law – Malaysia 
K1066 – K1089 (General) 
Business law or Commercial law 
See also Business law – (Name of country) or Commercial law – (Name of country), 
e.g. Commercial law – Malaysia 
K1001 – K1395 (General)
Corporation law 
See also Corporation law – (Name of country) e.g. Corporation law – Malaysia
K1311 – K1364.2 (General) 
Corporation law – Australia KU956 – KU962.3
Corporation law – England KD2079 – KD2127 
Corporation law – Malaysia KPG954 – KPG962.3 
Foreign trade regulation K3943 – K3947 
Business Statistics  Business – Statistical methods / Commercial statistics HF1016 - HF1017
Economic surveys  HB137 
Economics – Statistical methods  HB135 - HB147
Econometric models  HB141 
Econometrics  HB139 - HB141
Mathematical statistics  QA276 - QA280 
Sampling (Statistics)  HA31.2; 
QA276.6 - QA276.7
Social surveys HM538
Statistical hypothesis testing  HA31.5; 
QA277 – QA277.3 
Company law  Corporation law / Commercial law  K1001 – K1395 
KPG856 – KPG939.7 
KD1621 – KD1630 
Consumer behaviour / Marketing research ​ Consumer behavior HF5415.32 – HF5415.33
Market surveys  HC1 – HC1085.2 (Surveys) 
HF5415.3 (Technique) 
Critical and creative thinking skills  Creative thinking BF408
Critical thinking BF441 – BF449.5
Cultural management Communication in management Cross-cultural studies HD30.3
Corporate culture HD58.7 (Management), HM791 (Sociology)
Diversity in the workplace HF5548.5.M5
Industrial management Cross-cultural studies HD2755.5
Intercultural communication GN345.6 (Antropology), HM1211 (Social psychology), P94.6 P94.65 (General)
International business enterprises Management / International business enterprises Management - Cross-cultural studies  HD62.4
Management – Social aspects HD30.19
Multiculturalism / Industrial management – Social aspects BD175.5.M84 (Epistemology), HM1271 (Social psychology)
Economics / Microeconomics / Macroeconomics / Business economics / Managerial economics   Business  HF5001 – HF6182.2
China – Economic conditions HC426 – HC430 
Development economics/Economic development HD72 – HD88 
East Asia – Economic conditions HC460.5 – HC470.3 
Economics HB1 – HB130 
Indonesia – Economic conditions HC446 – HC450
Macroeconomics HB172.5 
Malaysia – Economic conditions HC445.5
Managerial economics HD30.22 
Microeconomics HB172
Electronic Commerce Electronic commerce HF5548.32 – HF5548.33
Electronic data interchange  HF5548.33 
Internet advertising HF6146.I58 
Internet banking HG1708.7
Internet marketing HF5415.1265
Mobile commerce HF5548.34
Entrepreneurship / Corporate entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurs / New venture / Social context of entrepreneurship / Small business & the SME sector Business incubators  HD62.5 
Creative ability in business HD53
Entrepreneurship HB615  
New business enterprises HD62.5
New products HF5415.153 (Marketing), TS170 (Product engineering)
Small business HHD2340.8 - HD2346.5
Social entrepreneurship  HD60 
Family business Family corporations / Family-owned business enterprises - Management HD62.25f
Human resource management  Human capital HD4904.7
Manpower planning HF5549.5.M3
Personnel management HF5549 – HF5549.5 
Psychology, Industrial  HF5548.7 – HF5548.85 
Information technology  Information technologyHC79.I55 (Economic history and conditions) HD30.2 (Management) 
T58.5 – T58.64 (Technology)
HC79.I55 (Economic history and conditions) HD30.2 (Management) 
T58.5 – T58.64 (Technology)
International business / International economics​ Asia – Commerce HF3751 – HF3868 
Balance of payments HG3882 – HG3890
Balance of trade HF1014
See also Commerce – (Name of country), e.g. Commerce – Malaysia 
HF1 – HF6182 
Dumping (International trade)  HF1425 
Exports HF1414.4
Foreign exchange  HG3810 – HG4000
Free trade  HF1701 – HF2701
Imports HF1419
International business enterprise HD2755.5
International economic relations  HF1351 – HF1359 
International trade  HF1371 – HF1379 
Investments, Foreign HG4538
International business law Export sales contracts K1030 
Foreign trade regulation K3943 - K3957
International business enterprises - Law and legislation K1322
Restraint of trade K3850
International human resource management International business enterprises - Personnel management HF5549.5.E45
Management / Business management / Strategic management / Managing and organising / Organisational behavior / Managing change / Leadership ​ Business communication  HF5717 - HF5734.5 
Business logistics  HD38.5 
Controllership HF5550; 
Corporate governance HD2741
Decentralization in management; 
Delegation of authority 
Executives HF5500 
Industrial management; 
HD28 - HD70 
Leadership HD57.7 
Management audit  HD58.95
Management by objective  HD30.6 
Management rights HD6971.7
Manpower planning HF5549.5.M3
Organizational behavior;
Corporate culture
Organizational change HD58.8
Risk management HD61 
Strategic planning  HD30.28 
Trade blocs HF1418.7
Marketing / International marketing / Marketing management / Marketing strategy / Directing marketing / Services marketing / Marketing communication ​ Branding (Marketing)  HF5415.1255
Communication in marketing  HF5415.123 - HF5415.124
Consumer behavior HF5415.32 - HF5415.33
Direct marketing  HF5415.126
Export marketing HF1416 - HF1416.6 
Internet marketing HF5415.1265
Marketing  HF5415 - HF5416
Market segmentation  HF5415.127
Merchandising  HF5415.165
Pricing HF5416.5
Selling HF5438 - HF5439
Operations management Industrial management HD28 - HD70
Production management  TS155 - TS194
System analysis QA402 - QA402.37 (Mathematics) 
T57.6 - T57.97 (Industrial engineering) 
Product development & commercialization Commercial products HF1040 - HF1040.9 
Industrial design  TS171 - TS171.6 
New products HF5415.153 (Marketing) 
TS170 (Product engineering) 
Project management Project management  HD69.P75 (Industrial management) 
T56.8 (Industrial engineering)
Scientific ideas & innovation Creative ability in business  HD53
Creative thinking LB1062; BF408 
Critical thinking BF441; BC177 
Organizational learning HD58.82
Technology management / Innovation Diffusion of innovations HC79.T4
New products HF5415.153 (Marketing) 
TS170 (Product engineering)
Technology – Management T49.5; T175.5
Technological innovations – management  HD45 (Management) 
T173.8 (Technology)
Technology transfer T174.3


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