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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Art Direction & campaign strategy  Graphic design (Typography) ; Layout (Printing) Z246 – Z246.5 
  Magazine design  Z246.5.M34
  Motion pictures – Art direction  PN1995.9.A74 
Celebrity culture  Celebrities in mass media  P94.5.C45 - P94.5.C452 
Communication research methods Communication research  P91.3 - P91.5 
  Narrative inquiry (Research method)  H61.295 (Social sciences) 
  Proposal writing in the social sciences H62; H91; HG177  
  Report writing  PE1478  
Consumer behaviour  Consumer behavior HF5415.32 – HF5415.34 
Corporate identity design / Global branding and identity  Brand name products / Business names HD69.B7 
  Branding (Marketing)  HF5415.1255  
  Corporate image  HD59.2
  Logography  Z253 
  Logos (Symbols)  NC1002.L63 
Corporate social responsibility Social responsibility of business  HD60 - HD60.5 
Creative advertising / Advertising & Design / Advertising Design & Production  Advertising HF5801 - HF6182.2
  Advertising, Newspaper  HF5871 - HF6141 
  Broadcast advertising  HF6146.B74  
  Communication in marketing  HF5415.123 - HF5415.124 
  Infomercials; Television advertising  HF6146.T42 
  Motion pictures in advertising  HF5844
  Radio advertising  HF6146.R3  
Creative copywriting  Advertising copy ; Advertising layout and typography HF5825
  Authorship PN101 - PN249 
  Graphic design (Typography)  Z246 
Crisis communication Conflict management  HD42 
  Crisis management  HD49 - HD49.6 
  Emergency management  HD49 (Industrial management); HV551.2 - HV639 (Public welfare) 
  Hotlines (International relations)  JZ6045  
Cross-cultural communication; Intercultural communication Communication P87 - P96  
  Communication – Social aspects  P94.6 - P94.65  
  Culture  CB (History of civilization); GN357 - GN368 (Cultural processes); HM621 - HM626 (Sociology) 
  Cultural pluralism  HM1271 
  Intercultural communication   GN345.6 (Anthropology) HM1211 (Social psychology) P94.6 - P94.65 (General)  
  Intergenerational communication  HM726 
  Multiculturalism in mass media  P96.M83 - P96.M832
Designing with type  Graphic design (Typography)  Z246 
  Lettering  NK3600 - NK3640 (Art industries); T371 (Mechanical drawing); TT360 (Signs and show-cards)
  Type and type-founding  Z250 - Z251 
Digital publishing  Accounting HF5601 - HF5689
  Accounting HF5601 - HF5689
  Web publishing  HF5601 - HF5689
Entrepreneurial studies  Entrepreneurship  HB615 
Event Management  Special events – management  GT3403 – GT3406  
Graphic communication   Commercial art NC997 - NC1003 
  Communication in art N7429.7 - N7430
  Communication in design  NK1510  
  Symbolism in art  N7740
  Visual arts – Communication of information  N57 - N59
  Visual communication P93.5  
Investor Relations  Communication – Economic aspects  P96.E25 – P96.E252
  Communication – Technological innovations ; Communication and technology  P96.T42 – P96.T422 
  Corporate governance HD2741 – HD2749 
  Corporations – Investor relations  HD2744  
Law & Ethics in Communication Communication policy / Mass media policy  P95.8 
  Mass media – Law and legislation  K4240 - K4343 
  Mass media – Moral and ethical aspects  P94 
Marketing communication Communication in marketing  HF5415.123 – HF5415.124 
Media / Communication theory and practice / Mass communication  Advertising HF5801 - HF6182 
  Broadcasting  PN1992 - PN1992.92 
  Communication  P87 - P96 
  Internet  PN4729.3; TK5105.875.I57 ZA4195 - ZA4201 
  Journalism PN4699 - PN5650
  Mass media P87 - P96 
  Motion pictures PN1993 - PN1999
  Newspapers; Press AN (General newspapers) PN4699 - PN5650 
  Photography  TR
  Radio broadcasting PN1991 - PN1991.9
  Television broadcasting  PN1992 - PN1992.92 
Media, culture & society Communication ; Mass media  P87 – P96
  Culture  CB (History of civilization) GN357 – GN368 (Cultural processes) HM621 – HM626 (Sociology) 
  Mass media – Social aspects HM1206 - HM1211 
  Mass media and culture P94.6 
  Popular culture  HM621 - HM656
Media planning & management  Documentary films PN1995.9.D6
  Mass media – Management P96.M34 
  Television programs  PN1992.5 - PN1992.92
Media relations & public affairs Mass media P87 – P96 
  Mass media and business HD59 – HD59.6
  Mass media and public opinion HM1236
  Mass media and publicity P96.P85 
  Public opinion HM1236 
  Public relations HD59 – HD59.6 (Management); HM1221 (Social psychology) 
  Reporters and reporting  PN4781 
Media Technology Cinematography  TR845 - TR899 
  Mass media – Technological innovations PR96.T42 – PR96.T422
  Motion pictures PN1993 - PN1999 
  Television  TK6630 - TK6687 
  Video recordings  PN1992.95
Narrative analysis Discourse analysis, Narrative P302 – P302.87
  Film criticism ; Motion pictures - Reviews PN1995 
Organisational communication / Corporate communication Communication in management ; Communication in organizations  HD30.3
  Communication in personnel management  HF5549.5.C6 – HF5549.5.C62
  Corporate culture HD58.7 (Management) HM791 (Sociology) 
  Corporate image HD59.2 
  Corporations – Investor relations HD2744
  Corporations – Public relations HD59 - HD59.6 
  Interpersonal communication BF637.C45 HM1166 (Social psychology) 
  Mass media and business  HD59 
Packaging / Packaging Design  Packaging  HF5770 (Business); TS195 – TS198.8 (Manufacturing) 
Political communication   Communication – Political aspects ; Mass media – Political aspects P95.8 – P95.82  
  Communication in politics  JA85 - JA85.2 
  Political campaigns  JF1001 ; JF2112.C3 
  Political psychology JA74.5 
Print media  Feature writing  PN4784.F37 
  Journalism / Press PN4699 - PN5650 
  Journalism – Authorship PN4775 - PN4784 
  Journalism - Editing  PN4778 
  Magazine design  Z253.5
  Magazines see Periodicals  
  News writing see Journalism -- Authorship  
  Newspapers  AN (General newspapers) 
  Newspaper layout and typography Z253-Z253.532 
  Periodicals AP (General periodicals) PN4832 - PN4836 (History)
  Reporters and reporting PN4781 
Printing technology  Printing  Z116 - Z265  
Psychology in communication  Cognitive psychology  BF201 
  Communication – Psychological aspects  BF637.C45 
  Consumer behavior  HF5415.32 - HF5415.33 
  Mass media and language  P96.L34 - P96.L342 
  Persuasion (Rhetoric)  P301.5.P47  
  Psychological aspects of mass media  P96.P75 - P96.P752 
Public relations (Strategies and issues, planning, implementation & evaluation, campaign management)  Advertising campaigns HF5837  
  Advertising media planning  HF5826.5 
  Branding (Marketing)  HF5415.1255 
  Industrial publicity  HD59 
  Propaganda   HM1231 (Social psychology); JF1525.P8 (Public administration); P301.5.P73 (Rhetoric) 
  Publicity  HM1226 
  Public relations  HD59 - HD59.6 (Management); HM1221 (Social psychology) 
  Speeches, addresses, etc.  PN6121 - PN6129  
Public relations writing Authorship PN101 – PN249 
  Business writing HF5718.3 – HF5734.Z 
  Editing   PN162 
  Journalism - Authorship  PN4775 – PN4784 
  Public relations - Authorship  HM1221 


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