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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Computer programming languages  C (Computer program language) QA76.73.C15 
C++ (Computer program language)  QA76.73.C153 
C# (Computer program language) QA76.73.C154
Java (Computer program language) QA76.73.J38 
JavaScript (Computer program language) QA76.73.J39
Object-oriented programming languages QA76.64 
Pascal (Computer program language)  QA76.73.P2 
Perl (Computer program language)  QA76.73.P22 
PHP (Computer program language) QA76.73.P224 
PL/SQL (Computer program language) QA76.73.P258 
Programming languages (Electronic computers) QA76.7 - QA76.73 
Prolog (Computer program language) QA76.73.P76 
SQL/Oracle (Computer program language)  QA76.73.S67
VBScript (Computer program language) QA76.73.V27
Visual Basic (Computer program language)  QA76.73.M53 
Computer science  Artificial intelligence Q335 
Business - Data processing HF5548.125 - HF5548.6
Client/server computing QA76.9.C55 
Computer algorithms QA76.9.A43
Computer engineering TK7885 - TK7895
Computer interfaces TK7887.5
Computer programming Q QA76.6 - QA76.73
Computer science  QA75.5 - QA76.95
Computer simulation  QA76.9.C65 
Computers QA75.5 - QA76.95, 
TK7885 - TK7895
Distributed operating systems (Computers) QA76.76.O63
Electronic data processing  QA75.5 - QA76.95
Object-oriented methods (Computer science)  QA76.9.O35 
Object-oriented programming (Computer science)  QA76.64 
System analysis  QA402 - QA402.37 
System design QA76.9.S88
User interfaces (Computer systems) QA76.9.U83 
Virtual computer systems QA76.9.V5
Web servers  TK5105.888 
Computer security  Computer security 
Computer networks – Security measures; 
Firewalls (Computer security)
Computers – Access control; 
Data encryption (Computer science); 
Digital watermarking; 
Public key infrastructure (Computer security)
Cyber intelligence (Computer security) KF27
Data protection HF4448.37; 
QA769. D314 
Electronic data processing – Backup processing alternatives QA76.9.B32 
Cyber laws   Computers – law and legislation 
Internet – law and legislation 
Computer networks – law and legislation 
Electronic commerce – law and legislation 
Copyright – computer programs K1443.C6 
Copyright and electronic data processing K1447.15; K1447.95 
Software protection—Law and legislation  QA76.76.P75 
Databases Data structures (Compute science)  QA76.9.D35
Data warehousing QA76.9.D37
Database design QA76.9.D26
Database management QA76.9.D3
Database searching ZA4460
Databases / Online databases QA76.9.D32 (Computer science) 
ZA4450 - ZA4460 (Information resources) 
Distributed databases QA76.9.D3
Object-oriented databases  QA76.9.D32 
Relational databases  QA76.9.D32
Web databases QA76.9.W43
Data mining Data mining; OLAP technology  QA76.9.D343 
Data mining – software QA76.9.C643
Web usage mining  ZA4235
Decision support systems Decision making – computer assisted instruction QA279.4 - QA279.7 (Mathematical statistics) T57.95 (Industrial engineering)
Decision support systems HD30.213 (Industrial management) 
T58.62 (Industrial engineering) 
Digital systems  Computer architecture QA76.9.A73 
Digital electronics  TK7868.D5 
Electronic circuit design TK7867 - TK7867.5 
Electronic digital computers – design and construction  QA76.5 - QA76.73 
Switching theory TK7868.S9 
Systems engineering TA168 
Human-computer interaction Human-computer interaction; 
Haptic devices User-centered system design
Interactive computer systems – human factors QA76.9.I58 
User interfaces (Computer systems)  QA76.9.U83
Information retrieval  Content-based image retrieval ZA4575
Cross-language information retrieval  Z667.5 
Electronic information resource ZA4040 - ZA4480 
Electronic information resource searching ZA4060 
Information retrieval  ZA3075 - ZA3080 
Information storage and retrieval systems  ZA4065
Metadata harvesting Z666.7 
Information systems  Information resources management  T58.64
Information technology HD30.2; 
T58.5 - T58.64
Knowledge management HD30.2 
Management information systems  HD30.213 (Industrial management) 
T58.6 - T58.62 (Industrial engineering)
Management – data processing  HD30.2
Internet  Internet  TK5105.878.I57 (Telecommunications) 
ZA4195 - ZA4201 (Information resources) 
Internet addiction  RC569.5.I54
Wide area networks (Computer networks)  TK5105.87 - TK5105.875
Wireless communication systems TK5103.2 
Wireless internet TK5103.4885
Wireless LANs TK5105.78
Knowledge based systems  Artificial intelligence Q335
Expert systems (computer science); 
Fuzzy expert systems 
Intelligent tutoring systems LB1028.73 
Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Mobile application Application software – development QA76.76.A65
Context-aware computing  QA76.5915
Global system for mobile communications  TK5103.483
Mobile communication systems  TK5103.2 - TK5103.4885
Mobile computing  QA76.59 
Ubiquitous computing QA76.5915 
Wearable computers  QA76.592 
Multimedia Technology  Computer animation TR897.7
Computer graphics  T385; 
N7433.8 - N7433.85
Computer-assisted instruction LB1028.5 – LB1028.7
Digital video TK6680.5 – TK6687 
Hypermedia systems QA76.76.I59 
Hypertext systems QA76.76.H94
Interactive multimedia QA76.79.I59 
MMX technology QA76.575
Multimedia communications  TK5105.15
Multimedia systems QA76.575
Multimedia systems industry  HD9696.M84 – HD9696.M844 
Streaming technology (Telecommunications) TK5105.386
Network Computing Bridges (Computer networks) TK5105.543
Computer network architectures TK5105.55 
Computer network management  TK5105.548 - TK5105.5483
Computer network protocols  TK5105.55 – TK5105.58
Computer networks TK5105.5 – TK5105.9
Computer networks – Security measures  TK5105.59
Gateways (Computer networks) TK5105.543
Information networks TK5105.5
Internet TK5105.875.I57 
Internetworking (Telecommunication) TK5105.5
Intranets (Computer networks) HD30.385 (Business), 
TK5105.875.I6 (Technology)
Local area networks (Computer networks) TK5105.7 – TK5105.8 
Network computers QA76.527 
OSI (Computer network standard) TK5105.58
Routers (Computer networks) TK5105.543 
TCP/IP (Computer network protocol)  TK5105.55
Wide area networks (Computer networks)  TK5105.87 – TK5105.875 
World Wide Web TK5105.888
Telecommunication  HE7601 - HE8635 (Industry) 
TK5105 - TK5105.9 (Technology)
Project managemen Project management HD69.P75 (Industrial management) 
T56.8 (Industrial engineering) 
TA190 (Civil engineering)
Operating systems Distributed operating systems (Computers) QA76.76.O63
Linux  QA76.774.L46
Mac OS  QA76.774.M64 
Microsoft Windows (Computer file)  QA76.774.M434; 
Operating systems QA76.77 - QA76.774
Systems software QA76.76.S95
UNIX QA76.774.U64 
Semantic web  Document markup languages QA76.76.H94
Information storage and retrieval systems – ontology  Z699 - Z699.5
Linked data Z666.73.L56
Ontologies (Information retrieval) TK5105.88815 
RDF (Document markup language)  QA76.76.H94
Semantic computing QA76.5915
Semantic networks (Information theory) Q387.5 
Semantic web  TK5105.88815 (Technology) 
ZA4240 (Information resources)
Software Technology  Computer programs QA76.6 - QA76.73 
Computer software  QA76.75 - QA76.765
Computer software – Development QA76.76.D47 
Computer software - Quality control QA76.76.Q35
Computer software – Reliability QA76.76.R44
Computer software – Reusability QA76.76.R47
Computer software industry HD9696.C6 - HD9696.C64
Computer software – testing QA76.76.T48
Operating systems  QA76.77 - QA76.774
Intelligent agents (Computer software)  QA76.76.I58 
Oracle (Computer file)  QA76.9.D3
Software architecture  QA76.754 
Software engineering QA76.758 
Software maintenance  QA76.76.S64 
Software measurement  QA76.76.S66 
Software protection  QA76.76.P76
Systems software  QA76.76.S95 
Web Technology  Cloud computing QA76.585 
Internet programming QA76.625
Web portals TK5105.885.W43 
Web services TK5105.88813 
Web sites – design 
Web site development
TK5105.888 - TK5105.8885 
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