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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Audio Technology Sound – Recording and reproducing – Digital techniques TK7881.4 – TK7881.9 
Aural & Keyboard Skills Ear training / Musical dictation  MT35
Keyboard instruments  ML549 – ML747 
MT179 – MT258 
Keyboards (Music)  ML697
Keyboards (Music) – Instruction and study  MT192 – MT193
Organ (Musical instrument)  ML549.8 – ML649 (History) 
MT180 – MT191 (Instruction)
Piano ML649.8 – ML747 (History) 
MT220 – MT255 (Instruction)
Piano – Instruction and study  MT220
Piano - Methods  MT222 
Sight-singing MT870 
Score reading and playing  MT85 
Contemporary Music Composition & Arrangement  Arrangement (Music MT70 – MT74
Composition (Music)  ML430 – ML458 (History) 
MT40 – MT67 (Instruction)
Digital audio editors  ML74.4 
Enlightenment B802 
Instrumentation and orchestration  MT70 - MT74
Jazz – Instruction and study  MT68
Music M1 - M5000 
Music – Philosophy and aesthetics  ML3845 - ML3877 
Orchestral music M1000 – M1075 
Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship Art – Economic aspects  N8600
Copyright – Economic aspects K1420.5 
Copyright – Neighboring rights – Economic aspects  K1480 - K1481
Cultural industries HD9999.C947 - HD9999.C9474 
Music entrepreneurship / Music trade ML3790 
Success in business HF5386
Filmmaking Cinematography TR845 – TR899 
Cinematography – Special effects  TR858 
Digital cinematography TR860
Motion pictures PN1993 – PN1999 
Motion pictures – Production and direction PN1995.9.P7 
Filmmaking: Short Film Cinematography TR845 – TR899 
Motion pictures - Aesthetics PN1995
Motion pictures – Production and direction / Short films – Production and direction PN1995.9.P7
Video recordings – Production and direction PN1992.94 
Film Scoring  Instrumentation and orchestration MT70 – MT71 
Motion picture music – Instruction and study  M1527 - M1527.2; 
MT64.M65 ; MT737
Motion pictures and music  ML2074 – ML2075
Motion pictures and television  PN1992.63
Television music M1527.7 – M1527.8 
Malaysian Music  Bangsawan - Malaysia PN2899.45.B36 
Folk music – Malaysia / Music – Malaysia - Sabah ML3758.M42 – ML3758.M429 
Music – Malaysia M1824.M34 
Music instruction and study - Malaysia MT1
Musical instruments - Malaysia  ML345.M28 – ML345.M289
Operas, Chinese – Singapore ML1751.S5 
Performing arts – Malaysia – Malacca (Malacca)  PN2899 – PN2899.8
Popular music - Malaysia  ML1824.M42
Songs - Malaysia ML3758.M42 – ML3758.M429
Media and Cultural Studies  Communication / Mass media P87 - P96
Culture – Study and teaching / Popular culture – Study and teaching HM623 
Journalism PN4700 – PN5650 
Motion pictures  PN1993 - PN1999
Radio broadcasting PN1991 - PN1991.9; 
HE8690 - HE8699
Television broadcasting  PN1992 - PN1992.92; 
HE8700 - HE8700.9 
Music Business  Business planning HD30.28 
Copyright - Music K1450 - K1457.95; Z653 
Internet marketing  HF5415.1265
Music – Economic aspects ML3795
Music and the Internet / Music trade – Technological innovations / Sound recording industry ML3790
Music publishing ML112 - ML112.5
Music trade ML3790 – ML3792 
New business enterprises - Planning HD62.5
Music History Music – History and criticism ML159 – ML3785
Music Theory & Analysis  Computer music  M1473 
Harmony  ML444 (History) 
ML3815 (Acoustics) 
ML3836 (Psychology) 
ML3852 (Aesthetics) 
MT50 (Instruction) 
Music  ML55 - ML90
Music – Philosophy and aesthetics  ML3800 – ML3923
Music theory MT5.5 - MT7 
Music theory – Programmed instruction  MT6 
Musical analysis MT90 - MT146 
Musical intervals and scales ML3809 (Intervals: Acoustics and physics) 
ML3812 (Scales: Acoustics and physics) 
MT45 (Instruction) 
Musical meter and rhythm ML437 (History) 
ML3813 (Acoustics) 
ML3832 (Psychology) 
ML3850 (Aesthetics) 
MT42 (Instruction) 
Musical notation ML431 (History) 
ML432 (Reform) 
MT35 (Instruction)
Tonality – Problems, exercises, etc. ML3811 
Lyric writing (Popular music) MT67 
Popular Music Studies / Pop Song Production  Music and youth ML3916 
Musicals – Writing and publishing MT64
Popular instrumental music  ML3469 - ML3541
Popular music M1627 - M1844 (Music) 
ML3469 - ML3541 (History and criticism) 
Popular music – Analysis, appreciation MT146 
Popular music – Instruction and study / Popular music – Production and direction  ML3470
Popular music – Social aspects ML3918.P67 
Popular music – Writing and publishing MT67 
Radio Show Production Broadcast journalism PN478.B75
Internet radio broadcasting / Webcasting TK5105.887
Radio – Packet transmission  TK6562.P32
Radio – Production and direction  PN1991.75
Radio broadcasters  PN1991.4
Radio broadcasting HE8690 - HE8699
Radio journalism PN4784.R2
Streaming technology (Telecommunications)  TK5105.386
Sound and the Environment Interactive multimedia QA76.76.I59 
Mass media – Social aspects HM1206 - HM1211
Mass media and art N72.M28 
Mass media and culture P94.6 
Mass media and technology P96.T42 - P96.T422
Social media  HM742 - HM743 
Television – Production and direction  PN1992.75
Sound Design  Animation (Cinematography) TR897.5 – TR897.7 
Computer music  M1470 – M1480 
Computer sound processing MT723
Digital video TK6680.5 - TK6687 
Monochord / Musical temperament ML3809
Motion pictures – Sound effects / Television broadcasting – Sound effects  TK7881.4
Music in the theater MT960
Music – Acoustics and physics  ML3805 – ML3817 
Radio broadcasting – Sound effects PN1991.8.S69 
Sound motion pictures PN1995.7
Sounds ML3805 - ML3817; 
QC221 - QC246 
Theaters – Electronic sound control  TK7881.9 
Theaters – Sound effects PN2091.S6
Tuning ML3809 (History) 
MT165 (Instruction) 
Video game music ML3540.7
Video games – Sound effects QA76.76.C672
Studio Technique  Acoustical engineering TA365
Auditory perception  BF251 – BF251.5
Digital audiotape recorders and recording TK7881.65
Ear training MT35
High-fidelity sound systems  TK7881.7 
Listening BF323.L5 
Magnetic recorders and recording  TK7881.6
Sound – Recording and reproducing TK7881.4 – TK7884.9
Sound recordings – Production and direction ML3790 – ML3792
Sound studios  TK7881.45
Synthesizer (Musical instrument) ML1091.8 – ML1093
World Music Ethnomusicology ML3797.6 - ML3799
World music – Analysis, appreciation MT90 
World music – History and criticism  ML3545



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