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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Accounting Accounting HF5601 - HF5689
  Hospitality industry - Accounting HF5686.H75
  Managerial accounting HF5657.4
  Tourism - Accounting HF5686.T73
Branding and Promotions Advertising - Brand name products HF6161.B4
  Brand choice HF5415.1255
  Brand name products / Business names HD69.B7
  Branding (Markeitng) HF5415.1255
  Corporate image HD59.2
  Sales promotion HF5438.5
Business and Hospitality Law Hotels - Law and legislation / Hospitality industry - Law and legislation/ Hotel management - Law and legislation KD2517.H6; KPG1030.3.H66
Business of Tourism and Hospitality Hospitality industry TX901 - TX953
  Hospitality industry - Management / Hotel management / Restaurant management TX911.3.M27
  Tourism G154.9 - G155.8
  Tourism - Marketing G155.A1
Business Statistics Commercial statistics HF1016 - HF1017
  Commercial statistics - Data processing HF1017
  Statistics HA1 - HA4737 (Social Sciences); QA276 - QA280 (Mathematics)
  Statistics - Data processing QA276.4; HA32
Communication Skills Interpersonal communication BF637.C46
Concerts and Entertainment Concert agents - Vocational guidance ML3795
  Concert tours - Management / Music publicity / Music trade - Management ML3790
Conventions and Events: Planning and Design Congresses and conventions AS1 - AS911
  Congresses and conventions - Planning / Meetings / Meetings - Planning AS6
  Convention facilities  NA6880 - NA6889.5
  Exhibition - Planning T396
Conventions and Events: Support Services Caterers and catering TX901 - TX921
  Corporate meetings HD2743
  Meetings AS6
  Special events GT3403 - GT3406
  Special events industry / Special events - Management / Special events - Planning / Special events - Marketing GT3405
  Sports administration GV713
Corporate and Incentive Travel Industry Business travel G156.5.B86
  Incentives in industry HF5549.5.I5
  Vacations, Employee HD5260 - HD5267
Creative Design for Events Decoration and ornament NK1160 - NK1590
  Marketing - Graphic methods HF5415.122
  Sustainable design NK1520
Economics Economics HB1 - Hb130
  Managerial economics HD30.22
Emerging Technology for Events Technological innovations - Management HD45 (Management); T173.8 (Technology)
  Technology - Management T49.5 - T175.5
Festival and Hallmark Events Festivals GT3925 - GT4995
  Festivals - Management GT3935
Management Electronic data processing QA76
  Leadership HD57.7
  Management HD28 - HD70
  Management information systems HD30.213 (Industrial management); T58.6 (Industrial engineering)
  Marketing - Management HF5415.13
  Organizational behaviour; Corporate culture HD58.7
  Organizational change HD58.8
  Sports administration GV713
  Strategic planning HD30.28
  Tourism - Management G155.A1
Managing People in the Tourism and Hospitality  Hospitality industry - Management TX911.3.M27
  Hospitality industry - Personnel management TX911.3.P54
  Interpersonal communication BF637.C45; HM1166 (Social psychology)
  Personnel management HF5549 - HF5549.5
  Supervision of employees HF5549.12
Marketing Advertising HF5801 - HF6182
  Marketing HF5410 - HF5417.5
  Publicity HM1226
  Special events - Marketing GT3405
  Sports - Marketing GV716
MICE Management Communication in management HD30.3
  Congresses and conventions - Planning / Meetings - Planning AS6
  Convention facilities - Management TX391 - T995
  Sales meetings HF5715 - HF5734.5
  Trade shows T391 - T995
Production and Operations Production management TS155 - TS194
Publicity and Media Writing Business communication HF5717 - HF5734.5
  Mass media and business HD59
  Mass media and publicity P96.P85 - P96.P852
  Public relations HD59 - HD59.6 (Management); HM1221 (Social psychology)
  Publicity HM1226
  Written communication  P211 -P211.7
Small Business Venture Entrepreneurship HB615
  Small business  HD2340.8 - HD2346.5
  Small business - Finance HG4027.7
  Small business - Management HD62.7
  Small business - Marketing HF5415.13
Sustainable Tourism Development Air travel; Airlines HE9761 - HE9990
  Deep Diving GV838.672 - GV838.674
  Ecotourism G156.5.E26
  Heritage tourism G156.5.H47
  Leisure industry GV188 - GV188.3
  Social responsibility of business HD60 - HD60.5
  Sustainable development HV79.E5
  Tour guides (Persons) G154.7
  Tourism G154.9 - G155.8
  Tourism - Marketing G155.A1
  Travel G149 - G180; GT5220 - GT5285
  Voyages and travels G149 - G922

For more on the hospitality and tourism industry, please refer to the "Hospitality and Tourism Resources" Shelf Guide.  


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