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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Accounting  Restaurants / Hotels / Hospitality industry - Accounting  HF5686.H75  
Asian & International Cuisine, Contemporary Cuisine  Cooking, Asian TX724.5 - TX725
International cooking 
See also Cooking, ethnic group; e.g. Cooking, American.
TX725.A1 (General) 
Beverage Studies  Alcoholic beverages 
TX412 - TX415 (General) 
TX815 - TX817 (Non-alcoholic beverages) 
TX951 (Alcoholic beverages)  
Bars (Drinking establishments)  TX950 - TX953 
Bartending TX951  
Cooking using alcoholic beverages  TX726 - TX726.3 
Special beverages  TX817 
Taverns, barrooms, saloons TX950 - TX953  
Business English  English language -- Business English  PE1115 
Business & Hospitality Law Commercial law KD1621 – KD1630 
KPG856 – KPG939.7
Hotels – Law and legislation / Hospitality industry – Law and legislation  KD2517.H6;
Business Statistics Commercial statistics  HF1016 – HF1017 
Classical French Cuisine / Viennoiserie & Boulangerie  Cooking, French  TX719 - TX719.2 
Culinary Artistry  Food presentation. Garnishes  TX740.5 
Culinary Techniques Baking and confectionery TX761 - TX799 
Batters (Food)  TP451.B38 
Beverages  TX814 - TX817 
Boiling (Cooking)  TX685 
Braising (Cooking) TX686 
Broiling  TX687 
Buffets (Cooking)  TX738.5 
Canning and preserving  TX599 - TX612 
Casserole cooking  TX693
Convection oven cooking  TX840.C65 
Cookbooks TX703 - TX726.3
Cooking TX641.2 - TX840
Cooking processes TX681 - TX693
Food of animal origin TX743 - TX759.5 
Frying TX689 
Marinades TX819.M26
Natural foods  TX741 
Other special varieties of cooking TX820.2 - TX840 
Roasting (Cooking) TX690 
Salads TX740; 
Side dishes (Cooking) TX801; 
Skewer cooking TX834 
Skillet cooking  TX840.S55
Soups TX757
Sous-vide cooking TX690.7
Steaming (Cooking) TX691 
Stews TX693 
Stocks (Cooking)  TX819.S8
Stuffed foods TX836
Stuffing (Cooking)  TX740 
Vegetables, cereals, fruits, nuts  TX801 - TX814.2 
Vegetarian cooking  TX837 - TX838 
Food & Beverage Operations / Food & Beverage Management / Culinary Operations / Food Service Facilities Planning and Development / Quantity Food Production  Caterers and catering TX901 - TX921 
Dining rooms TX855 - TX859
Food  TX341 - TX641
Food habits GT2850 - GT2960
Food service  TX901 - TX946.5 
Food service management / Restaurant management TX911.3.M27 
Gastronomy  TX631 - TX641 
Menus TX727 - TX728; 
Microwave cooking  TX832
Nutrition  TX341 - TX641
Quantity cooking TX820 
Table etiquette BJ2041 
Food Culture (Malaysian Context) Food habits – Asia / Food – Social aspects - Asia GT2853.A
Cooking, Asian TX724.5.A1 - TX724.5.Z
Cooking, Malaysian TX724.5.M2
Food habits – Social aspects – Malaysia  GT2853.M2  
Food Safety & Sanitation Food adulteration and inspection  TX501 – TX595 
Food handling  TX537 
Food industry and trade – Safety measures  TP373.5 
Food industry and trade – Sanitation TP373.6  
Food service – Safety measures TX911.3.S24 
Food service – Sanitation  TX911.3.S3 
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (Food safety system)  TX531; 
French Language  French language – Textbooks  PC2121; 
PC2127.8 – PC2129 
Hospitality & Tourism Industry* / Business of Tourism & Hospitality  Convention facilities  NA6880 – NA6880.5 
Hospitality industry  TX901 – TX953 
Hotels TX901 – TX946
Leisure industry GV188 – GV188.3 
Special events industry  GT3405 
Table service  TX925; 
Tourism G154.9 – G155.8 
Tourism and gastronomy TX641 
Health & Nutrition  Food  RA601 – RA602 
Nutrition  TX341 – TX641 
International Cultural Studies  Cross-cultural orientation  GN345.65 
Cultural awareness; 
Intercultural communication 
Japanese Language  Japanese language – Textbooks  PL535 – PL535.Z 
Kitchen Design & Ergonomics / Kitchen Operations   Cooking – Equipment and supplies TX656 – TX658  
Kitchen collectibles  NK6140  
Kitchens / Kitchens – Design and construction  TX653 – TX655 
Kitchens – Designs and plans  NK2117.K5 
Kitchens – Planning  TX655 
Kitchens – Remodelling  TH4816.3.K58 
Managing people in the Hospitality industry / Supervisory Skills  Communication in management  HD30.3 
Employee motivation  HF5549.5.M63 
Food service / Hospitality industry – Personnel management   TX911.3.P4; 
Industrial relations  HD6958.5 – HD6971 
Leadership  HD57.7  
Supervision of employees  HF5549.12 
Management / Strategic Management for Hospitality Business Hospitality industry – Management / Restaurant management / Hotel management / Food service management  TX911.3.M27 
Marketing Food service / Restaurants – Public relations / Congresses and conventions - Management TX911.3.P77
Hospitality industry – Marketing  TX911.3.M3  
Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions Management  Convention facilities - Management  TX911.2  
Corporate meetings - Planning HD2743  
Exhibitions  T391 – T995  
Meetings – Planning / Congresses and conventions – Planning /  HF5734.5 – HF5734.7  
Patisserie  Baking  TX761 – TX779 
Bread  TX769 – TX770 
Cakes  TX771 – TX771.2 
Confectionery  TX780.2 – TX799 
Cookies  TX772
Pastry TX773 
Purchasing & Cost Control  Food service -- Inventory control  TX911.3.I5 
Food service -- Management  TX911.3.M27 
Food service -- Purchasing  TX911.3.P8 
Food service / Restaurants – Cost control  TX911.3.C65 
Restaurants -- Finance TX911.3.F5 
Restaurants – Prices  TX911.3.P7 
Quality Management Total quality management HD62.15
Restaurant Business Operations / Restaurant Entrepreneurship   Caterers and catering  TX901 – TX921
Decoration TX859 
Dinners and dining  TX737 
Entrepreneurship HB615 
Hospitality industry – Customer services  TX911.3.C8
Restaurants / Restaurants - Design  TX945 – TX945.5 
Restaurants management  TX911.3.M27
Table  TX871 – TX885 
Table setting and decoration  TX871 – TX879 (Domestic) 
TX911.3.T32 (Restaurants) 
Revenue and Profit Management  Profit 
Revenue management HD60.7  HB601 (Economic theory) 
HC79.P7 (Economic history)  
Wine Studies  Fruit wines TP561 
Wine and wine making  TP544 – TP559 

*For more on the hospitality and tourism industry, please refer to the “Hospitality and Tourism Resources” shelf guide. 


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