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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Art appreciation Art appreciation  N7477 
Painting - Appreciation  ND1143 
Art criticism  Art criticism ; Art critics N7475 - N7485 
Design  NK1160 - NK1590  
Ceramics  Ceramics  NK4370 – NK4584 TP822
Porcelain  NK4370 – NK4584 
Pottery  GN433 (Ethnology) 
NK3700 – NK4695 (Ceramics) 
TP785 – TP825 (Chemical technology)  
Pottery craft  TT919 – TT924  
Computer graphics  Computer graphics  N7433.8 – N7433.85 (Art) 
T385 (Technology) 
Design  Art – Technique (includes Composition (Art) ; Symmetry (Art) ; Proportion (Art))  N7429.7 – N7433
Digital photography  Black-and-white photography TR146 
Color photography  TR510 – TR525 
Photography  TR1 – TR1050  
Photography – Digital techniques  TR267 – TR267.5 
Drawing studies  Computer graphics; 
Adobe Photoshop; 
Adobe Illustrator (Computer file) 
SEE ALSO Drawing – (country), e.g. Drawing – Malaysia  
NC1 – NC1940  
Drawing – Technique  NC730 – NC758 
Figurative painting  Figurative painting  N6494.F5 
Figure drawing Action in art
Anatomy, Artistic
Figure drawing 
Human figure in art N7570 – N7649 
NB1930 (Sculpture) 
NC760 – NC775 (Drawing) 
ND11290 – ND1337 (Painting) 
NK1550 (Design) 
General  Art 
SEE ALSO Art – (country), 
e.g. Art – Malaysia 
SEE ALSO Art, (nationality), 
e.g. Art, Malaysian 
N1 – N9211
Art – Conservation and restoration N8554 – N8585 
Art – Dictionaries  N33
Art – Encyclopedias N31
Art – Study and teaching; 
Art in education
N81 – N390 
Art – Vocational guidance N8350 – N8356
Art galleries; 
Art museums
N400 – N3990
Artists – Biography 
SEE ALSO Artists – (country) – Biography
e.g. Artists – France – Biography
Women artists N8354
History of art (Modern art, Ancient & Western art)  Art – History 
Art, Ancient 
Drawing – History 
Modern, Art 
Painting – History 
Prints – History
Sculpture – History; 
SEE ALSO Sculpture, Modern – (by period), 
e.g. Sculpture, Modern – 20th century 
Illustration Illustration of books  NC960 – NC995.8 
Landscape painting  Landscape painting  ND1340 – ND1367 
Model making  Models and modelmaking  TT154 – TT154.5 
Painting  Painting 
SEE ALSO Painting, (nationality), 
e.g. Painting, French 
SEE ALSO Painting – (country), 
e.g. Painting - England 
ND25 - ND3416
Printmaking (Relief, Intaglio)  Color etching  NE1865.E8 
Etching ; Collagraph printing  NE1940 - NE2232.5 
Intaglio printing  NE1620 – NE1630
Lithography  NE2250 - NE2529  
Monotype (engraving)  NE2242 - NE2246 
Printmakers  NE400 
SEE ALSO Prints, (nationality), 
e.g. Prints, American 
SEE ALSO Prints - (country), 
e.g. Prints – China 
NE1 - NE978  
Prints – Technique NE850 – NE855 
Relief printing  NE850 
Wood-engraving  NE1000 - NE1352  
Sculpture (round, relief)  Relief (Sculpture)  NB1280 
SEE ALSO Sculpture, (nationality), 
e.g. Sculpture, Thai 
SEE ALSO Sculpture - (country), 
e.g. Sculpture - Indonesia 
NB1 - NB1952  
Sculpture – Technique NB1170  
Still-life painting Still-life painting  ND1390 – ND1400 
ND2290 – ND2305 (Watercolor) 


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