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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Analytics Tools Business - Software HF5548.4.A-Z
  Business enterprises - Finance - Data processing HG4012.5
  Microsoft Excel (Computer file) HF5548.4.M25
  R (Computer program language) QA276.45.R3
  SAS (Computer program language) QA76.73.S27; QA276.45.S27
  SPSS (Computer file) HA32
  SQL/ORACLE (Computer program language) HF5548.5.S65
Big Data Analytics in the Cloud Big data HD30.215; QA76.9.D32; QA76.9.D343
  Cloud computing QA76.585
  Electronic data processing - Distributed processing QA76.9.D5
Business Analytics / Analytics Engineering Business - Data processing HF5548.125 - HF5548.6
  Business - Decision making - Computer programs HF5548.4.K67
  Business enterprises - Finance - Mathematical models HG4012
  Business forecasting - Mathematical models / Business forecasting - Data processing HD30.27
  Business Planning HD30.28
  Commercial statistics HF1016 - HF1017
  Consumers - Research HF5415.32
  Consumers' preferences - Research HF5415.32 - HF5415.33
  Decision support systems HD30.213 (Industrial management); T58.62 (Industrial engineering)
  Expert systems (Computer science) QA76.76.E95
  Industrial management - Statistical methods - Computer programs HD30.215
  Management - Data processing HD30.2
Business Intelligence Systems Business enterprises - Computer networks HD30.37
  Business intelligence HD38.7
  Expert systems (Computer science) QA76.76.E95
  Information technology - Management HD30.2
  Online data processing QA76.55 - QA76.57
Computer Computer science QA76.5 - QA76.9
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Computer algorithms QA76.9.A43
  Computer network architectures   TK5105.5
  Data marts QA76.9.D341
  Data mining QA76.9.D343
  Knowledge acquisition (Expert systems) QA76.76.E95
  OLAP technology QA76.9.D343
Database / Database Management Systems Data Structures (computer science) QA76.9.D35
  Data warehousing QA76.9.D37
  Database design QA76.9.D26
  Database management / Distributed databases QA76.9.D3
  Database searching ZA4460
  Databases / Online Databases AQ76.9.D32 (Computer Science); ZA4450 - ZA4460 (Information resources)
  Oject-oriented database / Relational databases QA76.9.D32
  Web databases QA76.9.W43
Information Systems / Information Systems Analysis and Design Information resources management T58.64
  Information technology HD30.2; T58.5 - T58.64
  Management in information systems HD30.213 (Industrial management); T58.6 - T58.62 (Industrial engineering)
  Management - Data processing HD30.2
Knowledge Management Information technology HC79.I55 (Economic history and conditions); HD30.2 (Management); T58.5 - T58.64 (Technology)
  Intellectual capital HD53
  Knowledge management HD30.2
  Organizational learning HD58.82
Linear Algebra Algebras, Linear QA184 - QA205 (Mathematics); TA345.L5 (Engineering)
  Calculus of operations QA253
Marketing Internet marketing HF5415.1265
  Marketing HF5410 - HF5417.5
  Social marketing HF5414
Programming Programming languages (Electronic computers) QA76.7 - QA76.73
Social Media Analytics Consumer profiling HF5415.32 - HF5415.33
  Digital media QA76.575
  Internet marketing HF5415.1265
  Marketing research HF5415.2
  Social media HM742 - HM743
Statistics Statistics HA (Social sciences); QA276 - QA280 (Mathematics)
  Multivariate analysia QA278 - QA278.7
Visual Analytics Information visualization QA76.9.I52
  Visual analytics TK7882.I6
Web and Network Analytics Internet users - Attitudes  TK5103.4
  Internet users - Statistics ZA4235
  Web site development TK5105.888
  Web usage mining ZA4235
  Webometrics QA76.9.D343


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