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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Architecture graphics  Architecture 
SEE ALSO Architecture - (country), 
e.g. Architecture - Malaysia 
NA1 - NA9428 
Architectural design NA2750 - NA2793
Architectural drawing  NA2685 - NA2726.5 
Interior architecture NA2850 - NA2858
Building construction  Buildings ; Building TH1 - TH9745
Building services Building - Planning  TH153
Building - Superintendence TH438 – TH438.4
Building fittings  TH6010 – TH6013 
Building management  TX955 – TX985 
Ceramics Ceramic tiles NA3705 
Ceramics  TP807 – TP823 
Tiles NA2980 – NA2985 (Architectural details) 
NA3705 (Decoration) 
NK4670 – NK4675 (Art industries) 
TH8521 – TH8542 (Building) 
TP837 – TP839 (Technology)
Tiles in interior decoration NK2115.5.T54 
Colour, materials and finishes  Antiques in interior decoration  NK2115.5.A5 
Art in interior decoration NK2115.5.A77
Audio-visual equipment in interior decoration NK2115.5.A83
Color in interior decoration  NK2115.5.C6
Draperies TT390 
Draperies in interior decoration  NK2115.5.D73
Ethnic art in interior decoration  NK2115.5.E84
Found objects (Art) in interior decoration NK2115.5.F68
Furniture  NK2200 - NK2750 
House painting TT320 - TT324
Paperhanging  HD9716.P2 - HD9716.P24 (Business) 
TH844 (Building construction)
Plastics in interior decoration  NK2115.5.P5 
Rugs NK2775 - NK2898 
Textile fabrics in interior decoration  NK2115.5.F3
Tiles NK2115.5.T54
Wallpaper NK3375 - NK3498 
Wall coverings NK2115.5.W3 
Computer Aided Design  Architectural design – Data processing; 
Architecture – Data processing 
Computer graphics; 
Adobe Photoshop; 
Adobe Illustrator (Computer file)
Computer graphics  Computer graphic N7433.8 – N7433.85 (Art) 
T385 (Technology) 
Design  Art – Technique (includes Composition (Art) ; Symmetry (Art) ; Proportion (Art)) N7429.7 – N7433
Design  NK1160 – NK1590 
Design communication  Communication P87 – P96 
Communication in architectural design NA2750
Communication in architecture  NA2584 
Communication in design NK1510 
Digital photography  Photography – Digital techniques  TR267 – TR267.5 
Drawing studies  Drawing 
SEE ALSO Drawing - (country), 
e.g. Drawing - Malaysia 
NC1 - NC1940
Drawing - Technique  NC730 - NC758 
Furniture design Furniture  NK2200 - NK2750
Furniture design TT196
General  Decorative arts 
SEE ALSO Decorative arts - (country), 
e.g. Decorative arts - Malaysia
Design – Dictionaries;
Decoration and ornament - Dictionaries
Interior decoration- Vocational guidance NK2116 - NK2116.3
History of interior design Architecture – History  NA190 - NA1555.5
Art - History  N5300 - N7418
Decorative arts - History  NK600 - NK1094
Interior decoration - History  NK1710 - NK2096
Interior design Apartments  NK2195.A6 
Bathrooms  NK2117.B33
Bedrooms  NK2117.B4 
Commercial buildings - Decoration  NK2195.C65
Children’s rooms  NK2117.C4 
Dining rooms NK2117.D5
Entrance halls  NK2117.E5
Hotels - Decoration  NK2195.H6 
Interior decoration 
SEE ALSO Interior decoration - (country), 
e.g. Interior decoration - Malaysia
NK1700 - NK3505;
TX311 - TX317

Kitchens  NK2117.K5 
Living rooms NK2117.L5 
Office decoration NK2195.O4
Outdoor living spaces – Decoration NK2117.O87
Public buildings – Decoration  NK2195.P8
Recreation rooms  NK2117.R4
Restaurants – Decoration NK2195.R4 
Small rooms NK2117.S59
Store decoration NK2195.S89 
Walls NK2119
Lighting application  Lighting, Architectural and decorative NK2115.5.L5 
Lighting  TH7700 - TH7975
Light in architecture NA2794 
Model making Architectural models  NA2790
Miniature craft  TT178
Miniature objects NK8470 – NK8475
Models and modelmaking TT154 – TT154.5 
Project management  Project management T56.8 
Specification and contract  Buildings – Specifications; 
Construction contracts


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