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Staff and students associated with programmes validated by Lancaster University are each given an account to access the subscribed e-resources in Lancaster Univerity Library.

On receiving your IT Account from Lancaster University, change your current password (given by Lancaster University) as follows.

1. Go to

2. Type your user name, current password and new password in the boxes.

3. Before you type in your new password, please read the rules regarding passwords on that page. 

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Accessing Lancater's E-Resources

1. Access the library homepage at

2. At the bottom left screen, under Other Libraries, select Lancaster University Library.

3. Click on OneSearch at the top right corner of the opening screen. 

4. Click on Sign in at the top right corner.

5. Click on Log in for Staff & Student.

6. Type in your login name and new password.

7. Click on the Login box.


OneSearch searches all of Lancaster University’s resources - books, articles, journals, databases, etc. 

1. Click on the Articles & More tab.

2. In the search box, type the search statement, e.g. “residential propertyprice*. 

3. Click on the Search box.


a) Enclose phrases within double quotes.

b) Use * to search for other variants of the word.

4. A list of records is displayed. To limit your search results, under Resource Types, click on Articles. A list of records of articles is displayed. 

5. A list of records of articles is shown. Select a record with Full-text available.

6. Click on View Online

7. Click on name of the databases, e.g. SAGE Journals, to get full-text.

8. For record with note No full-text, click on Details to view publisher and abstract.

1. Click on Advanced Search.

2. Click on Everything.

3. In the first search box, change the field Any to Title. Type a word in title (e.g. sociology) in the search box. 

4. Add another word for searching in the second search box e.g. research. Change the field to Title

5. Click on the Search box.

6. A list of records is shown. Records of different resource types are obtained.

7. To limit your results to Books, under Resource Types, click on Books

8. Click on Find & Request to see details of location, status and loan policy. Records of books are then displayed.

9. To limit your search results to other source types, e.g. Conference Proceedings, under Resource Types, click on More options. A list of various source types is displayed for selection.

10. Check the box for Conference Proceedings in the Include column.

11. Click on Continue.

12. A list of records on Conference Proceedings is shown. Select a record with Full-text available.

13. Click on View Online.

14. A new window displays the full text availability sources. Click on the database name e.g. Taylor & Francis: Social Science & Humanities Collection.

How to search for a particular e-journal.

To locate the full-text article listed below, search for the journal title first.

Geoghehan, J. (2002). The value of open spaces in residential land use. Land Use Policy, 19(1), 91-98


1. Click on e-Journals at the top right corner of the opening screen.

2. In the Find e-Journal by Title search box, type the title of the journal, e.g. Land use policy.

3. Click on Search.

4. The result list is displayed. Click on View Online.

5. The details of the holdings of the journal are displayed. Click on hyperlinked database title to access the full-text journal.

How to search for a particular database, e.g. ScienceDirect.

1. Click on Databases at the top right corner of the opening screen.

2. Click on Databases A-Z List in the left panel. 

3. Click on the relevant alphabet tab to view the list of databases starting with that alphabet, e.g. S.

4. A list of databases with titles starting with the alphabet is displayed. Click on the title of the database, e.g. ScienceDirect (Elsevier journals).

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If you have problems with accessing Lancaster's E-Resources, or require more information, contact the following library staff:

1. Help Desk Tel: 74918622 ext. 7050/7051

2. Reference Division Tel: 74918622 ext.7054/7055/7056

3. Service Counter Tel: 74918622 ext. 7073


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12 August 2016

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