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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Apoptosis and cell signalling  Apoptosis; 
cell death
Bacteriolysis QR185
Cancer – treatment  RC270.8 - RC271 
Cell-mediated cytotoxicity  QR185.3
Cell interaction  QH604.2 (Cytology) 
QR96.5 (Microbiology)
Cells QH537 - QH671 
Cellular signal transduction  QP517.C45 
Cytology QH573 - QH671 
Developmental biology QH491 - QH492 
Growth factors  QP552.G76 
Microorganisms -- Distintegration  QR69.D48 
Molecular biology QH506; 
Pathology, molecular RB110 - RB121; 
Behavioral neuroscience Human behavior BF180 - BF198.72
Nervous system QL921 - QL939 (Comparative anatomy) 
QM451 - QM471 (Human anatomy) 
QP351 - QP430 (Physiology) 
Neurophysiology QP351 - QP495
Neuropsychiatry RC340 - RC344 
Neuropsychology  QP360 - QP360.5
Psychology, comparative  BF660 - BF678 (Psychology) 
QL785 (Zoology)
Biofilms  Biofilms QR100.8.B55
Microbial aggregation QR73.6
Microbial ecology QR100 - QR129 
Cancer biology  Cancer RC261 - RC282
Carcinogenesis  RC268.5 - RC268.7
Chemical mutagenesis QH465.C5 
Genetic toxicology  RA1224.3
Molecular biology  QH506
Data analysis  Bioinformatics QH324.2 - QH324.25; 
Life sciences – Data processing QH324.2 - QH324.27
Medicine – Research – Data processing  R853.D37 
Research – Data processing Q180.55.E4
Statistics – Data processing QA276.4 - QA276.45 
Epithelial biology Cell culture  QH585.2 - QH585.45 
Cells QH573 – QH671 
Cytology – Technique QH585 – QH585.5
Epithelial cells  QP88.4 
Epithelium  QM561
Genetics Genetics QH426 - QH470 
Human genetics QH431 
Molecular genetics  QH442 - QH442.6 
Mutation (Biology)  QH460 - QH468
Variation (Biology) QH401 - QH411 
Imaging  Diagnostic imaging RC78.7.D53 
Imaging systems in medicine R857.O6 
Immunity Anitgen-antibody reactions QR187 
Antigens  QR186.5
Autoimmunity  QR188.3
Immune response QR186
Immune system QR180 – QR188.9
Immunity  QR185.2 - QR185.6
Immunochemistry QR183.6 
Immunology QR180 - QR189.5
Infectious diseases Bacterial diseases QR201.B34 (Microbiology); 
RC115 – RC116 (Internal Medicine) 
Communicable diseases RA643 - RA644 (Public health) 
RC109 - RC216 (Internal medicine)
Communicable diseases in animals SF781 - SF809 
Infection RB153 - RB154
Parasitic diseases  RA644.P18 (Public health) 
RC119 – RC119.7 (Internal medicine)
Prion diseases QR201.P737 (Microbiology) 
RA644.P93 (Public health)
Virology QR355 - QR502 
Virus diseases RA644.V55 (Public health) 
RC114.5 – RC114.6 (Internal medicine)
Microbiology Microbiology QR1 - QR502
Microorganisms  QR1 – QR502 
Nanotechnology  Nanoscience QC176.8.N35 
Nanostructures QC176.8.N35 
Nanotechnology  T174.7
Ultrastructure (Biology) QH212.S3; 
Neuroendocrinology Neuroendocrinology  QP356.4 
Research methodology Biochemistry -- Technique  QP519.7 - QP519.9
Biology –- Methodology  QH324 – QH324.9
Biology – Research  QH315 - QH320 
Biophysics - Technique  QH505 
Communication in science Q223
Dissertations, Academic LB2369
Immunology -- Technique QR183 
Medicine – Research R850.A1 - R854
Proposal writing in research Q180.55.P7
Research Q180 (Science) 
T65 (Technology)
Technical writing  T11 - T11.3
Statistics Biology – Mathematical models QH323.5 
Biomathematics  QH323.5 
Biometry QH323.5 
Life sciences – Statistical methods QH323.5 
Mathematical statistics QA276 - QA280 
Medicine – Mathematical models  R853.M3
Social sciences – Research – Statistical methods  HA29 - HA29.5
SPSS for Windows HA32 
Stem cells and regenerative medicine Biomolecules QP514 - QP514.2
Cellular therapy RM301.37
Molecular biology QH506
Regenerative medicine  QH499 
Stem cells  QH588.S83
Stem cells — Transplantation QH588.S83 
Tissue engineering R857.T55
Surface science  Biological interfaces QP517.S87 
Membranes (Biology)  QH601 
Surface chemistry QD506 - QD508
Toxicology Toxicology  RA1190 - RA1270
Wildlife ecology  Animal ecology QH540 - QH549.5
Ecology  QH101 - QH198 
QH540 - QH549.5 (General) 
Wildlife conservation QL81.5 - QL84.7 
Wildlife management  SK351 - SK579.5 


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