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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Anatomy and physiology  Anatomy  QL801 – QL950.9 
Physiology  QP1 – QP981 
Cardiovascular nursing  Cardiovascular diseases – Nursing / Cardiovascular system – Diseases - Nursing  RC674 
Communicable disease nursing  Communicable diseases  RA643 – RA644 (Public health) 
RC109 – RC216 (Internal medicine) 
Communicable diseases - Nursing  RC112 ; RT95 – RT95.22 
Communication, public relations and medico legal aspects  Communication BF637.C45; 
HM1206 - HM1211 
Communication in medicine R118 - R119.9
Communication in nursing RT23 - RT24
Health psychology R726.5 - R726.8 
Interpersonal communication  BF637.C45; 
Nursing ethics RT85 
Nursing –Legal status, laws, etc RT73
Community Health Nursing  Community health nursing  RT98  
Public health nursing  RT97  
Dermatological nursing  Dermatology  RL1 – RL803 (General works) 
RV381 – RV391 (Eclectic medicine) 
RX561 – RX581 (Homeopathy) 
Skin Diseases - Nursing  RL125 
Emergency & intensive nursing  Emergency nursing RT120.E4 
Intensive care nursing  RT120.I5 
Endocrine nursing  Endocrine glands – Diseases / Endocrine glands – Diseases - Nursing  RC648 – RC665
Endocrinology QP187 – QP187.6 (Physiology) 
RC648 – RC665 (Medicine) 
Gastrointestinal nursing Digestive organs – Diseases – Nursing / Gastroenterology RC799 – RC869 
Gastrointestinal system – Diseases - Nursing  RC802 
Gerontology nursing Geriatric nursing  RC954 
Older people – Medical care RA564.8 
Gynaecology nursing  Gynecologic nursing  RG105 
Gynecology  RG1 – RG991  
Haemopoietic and oncology nursing  Antineoplastic agents RC271.C5 (Cancer chemotherapy) 
RS431.A64 (Pharmacy)  
Cancer – chemotherapy RC271.C5
Cancer – Nursing / Cancer – Nursing – Psychological aspects / Neoplasms - Nursing  RC266 
Cancer – Surgery  RD651 – RD675
Hemoglobinopathy  RC641.7.H35 
Management of nursing care Care of the sick  RT42 
Health services administration RA971 - RA971.8
Home nursing  RT120.H65
Management  HD28 - HD70
Nursing care plans RT49 
Nursing services – Administration / Nursing - Administration  RT89
Nursing - Practice  RT86.7 - RT86.75
Patient monitoring  RT48.55
Microbiology and parasitology Microbiology / Microorganisms  QR1 – QR502 
Parasitology  QL757 
Neurological nursing  Neurological nursing  RC350.5 (Neurology) 
RD596 (Neurosurgery) 
Nursing Medicine  R1 – R920
Nursing  RT1 – RT120 
Nursing health assessment  Diagnosis / Nursing assessment  RT48 - RT48.5 
Medical history taking  RT48.5
Nursing - Data processing  RT50.5 
Nursing - Equipment and supplies  RT44 
Nursing diagnosis RT48.6 
Nursing records RT50
Physical diagnosis RT48
Obstetric nursing  Maternity nursing / Obstetrical nursing RG951 
Ophthalmology nursing  Evidence-based - nursing  RT42
Eye - Diseases RE46 – RE52 
Geriatric ophthalmology RE48.2.A5 
Ophthalmic assistants RE72.5 
Ophthalmic nursing  RE88  
Ophthalmology  RE1 – RE994 
Pediatric ophthalmology RE48.2.C5 
Orthopaedic nursing Orthopedics RD701 – RD811 
Orthopedic nursing  RD753 
Otorhinolaryngo nursing  Otolaryngological nursing RF52.5 
Paediatric nursing  Pediatric nursing  RJ245 – RJ247 
Pharmacology  Pharmacology  RM300 – RM671.5 
Psychiatric nursing  Mental health consultation  RA790.95 (General) 
RJ503.45 (Pediatrics) 
Psychiatric nursing  RC440
Professional issues  Nurse and patien RT86.3
Nursing - Philosophy  RT84.5
Nursing - Psychological aspects  RT86 
Nursing - Social aspects RT86.5 
Nursing - Vocational guidance  RT82 – RT84 
Respiratory nursing  Respiratory organs – Diseases – Nursing  RC735.5 
Research  Cancer – Nursing - Research  RC266 
Nursing – Case studies  RT81.6 
Nursing – Research – Methodology / Nursing – Research   RT81.5  
Qualitative research H62 – H62.5 
Surgical nursing  Ambulatory surgical nursing  RD110.5  
Operating room nursing  RD32.3  
Post anesthesia nursing RD51.3 
Surgery, Plastic - nursing RD118.75  
Surgical nursing  RD99 – RD99.35 
Trauma nursing  RD93.95 
Urology nursing  Urinary organs - Diseases  RC900 – RC923.2 
Urology RC870 – RC923 
Urological nursing  RC874.7 

Other Subjects 

You may also wish to refer to library materials in the following subject areas : 
Biology – Class QH 
Human anatomy – Class QM 
Information Technology / Computer science – Class QA75.5 – 76.95 
Management – Class HD28 – 70 
Physiology – Class QP


If you have problems locating the resources, or require more information, contact the following library staff:

1. Help Desk Tel: 74918622 ext. 7050/7051

2. Reference Division Tel: 74918622 ext.7054/7055/7056

3. Service Counter Tel: 74918622 ext. 7073


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