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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Accounting Accounting HF5601 - HF5689; 
Accounting – Dictionaries HF5621 
Accounting – Problem, exercises, etc. HF5661
Accounting - Standards HF5626 - HF5626.2
Accounting – Study and teaching HF5630
Accounting – Textbooks HF5625 - HF5625.15 
Communication in accounting HF5625.5 – HF5625.7
Corporations - Accounting HF5686.C7 
English language – Business English PE1116.A3
Managerial accounting HF5657.4 
Business Management and Enterprise  Executives – Training of HD30.4
Industrial management HD28 – HD70
Industrial management – Textbooks  HD31 – HD3
Industrial management – Mathematical models HD30.25 
International trade HF1371 - HF1379
Management HD28 - HD70 
Management – Dictionaries  HD30.15 
Management – Examinations, questions, etc. HD30.413 
Management – Study and teaching HD30.4 - HD30.42
Management – Textbooks HD30.4
Business Statistic Commercial statistics HF1016 – HF1017 
Commercial statistics – Study and teaching HF1017 
Business mathematics  HF5691 – HF5716
Business mathematics – Problems, exercises, etc. HF5694 
Business mathematics – Textbooks HF5691
Multivariate analysis QA278
Sampling (Statistics) QA276.6
Social sciences – Statistical methods – Computer programs HA32 
Critical Thinking skills  Critical thinking; Thoughts and thinking BF441 - BF449.5
Critical thinking – Study and teaching LB1590.3 – LB1590.5
Critical thinking – Textbooks BF441
Economics  Economics HB1 - HB30
Economics – Dictionaries HB61 
Economics – Examinations, questions, etc. HB74.6 
Economics – Problems, exercises, etc. HB74.6
Economics – Study and teaching  HB74.5 - HB74.9
Economics – Textbooks  HB171.5 
Macroeconomics HB172.5 
Microeconomics  HB172 
English  English language – Examinations  PE1114 
English language – Business English PE1115
English language – Grammar PE1108 – PE1114
English language – Rhetoric  PE1407 – PE1409.5 
English language – Textbooks for foreign speakers  PE1128 – PE1130.5
International English Language Testing System PE1128; 
Test of English as a Foreign Language PE1128 
Globalization  Globalization  JZ1317.5 – JZ1324 
Globalization – Economic aspects HF1359; 
Globalization – Textbooks JZ1318 
International economic relations HF1351 – HF1647
Law  Contracts – Great Britain KD1 - KD9500.24
Law – Great Britain  KD1 - KD9500.24
Law – Study and teaching – Great Britain KD442 
Commercial law – Great Britain  KD1621 - KD1920.22
Torts – Great Britain KD1941 - KD2004
Marketing Marketing HF5410 - HF5417.5 
Marketing – Dictionaries HF5412 
Marketing – Examinations, questions, etc.  HF5415 
Marketing – Problem, exercises, etc. HF5415 
Marketing – Textbooks HF5415 
Marketing research  HF5415.2 - HF5415.34
Psychology Psychology BF1 - BF990 
Psychology – Dictionaries  BF31 
Psychology – Examinations, questions, etc. BF78
Psychology – Experiments BF79
Psychology – Laboratory manuals BF79
Psychology – Problems, exercises, etc. BF78
Psychology – Study and teaching  BF77 – BF80.7
Psychology – Textbooks BF121 – BF128 
World History Since the Fifteenth Century History, Modern D204 - D725
History, Modern – 16th century D220 - D234
History, Modern – 17th century D242 - D280 
History, Modern – 18th century D284 - D309 
History, Modern – 19th century D351 - D400 
History, Modern – 20th century D410 - D725 
History, Modern – 21st century  D861 - D863.7


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