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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Abnormal psychology Psychology, Pathological  RC435 - RC489
Behavioral modification  Behavior modification  BF637.B4 (Psychology) 
LB1060.2 (Education)
Biological psychology  Biological psychiatry RC321 – RC580 
Psychobiology  QP360 – QP360.7
Child social emotional development Biological child psychiatry RJ486.5 – RJ486.6 
Child development GN63 (Physical anthropology) 
HQ771 – HQ777 (Sociology) 
LB1101 – LB1139 (Education) 
RJ131 – RJ137 (Pediatrics)
Child psychology BF721 – BF723 
Early childhood education LB1139.2 – LB1139.4 
Education, Preschool  LB1140 – LB1140.5
Pediatric neuropsychology  RJ486.5
Social interaction in children HQ784.S56
Social skills in children  BF723.S62
Clinical neuropsychology  Clinical neuropsychology RC386.6.N48
Cognitive psychology Cognition  BF309 - BF499
Community mental health / Mental health Child mental health  BF721 – BF723 (Child psychology) 
RJ499 – RJ507 (Child psychiatry)
Mental health / Mental health services / Community mental health services RA790 – RA790.95 
Counseling psychology Counseling  BF637.C6; 
BF636.5 - BF636.7
Interviewing BF637.I5 
Mental health counseling RC466
Personal coaching  BF637.P36
Psychotherapy RC475 – RC489 
Social case work HV43 – HV43.5
Cross-cultural psychology  Ethnopsychology  GN270 - GN279; 
GN502 - GN517 
Developmental psychology / Applied developmental psychology Developmental psychology BF712 - BF724.92 
Psychology, Applied BF636 - BF637.2 
Educational psychology  Educational psychology LB1050.9 – LB1091 
Learning, Psychology of BF318 
Health psychology  Clinical health psychology R726.7
Human physiology Human physiology QP34 – QP38
Human neuropsychology  Brain - Diseases  RC386 – RC395 
Human behavior BF199 
Neuropsychology QP360 – QP360.5
Neuropsychological tests  RC386.6.N48 
Psychophysiology  QP360 
Intrinsic job characteristics / Job satisfaction & pay satisfaction  Intrinsic motivation  BF503 
Job satisfaction  HF5549.5.J63 
Motivation (Psychology) BF501 – BF505 (Psychology) 
HM1201 (Social psychology) 
QP409 (Psychophysiology) 
Satisfaction  BF515 
Learning disabilities Learning disabilities LC4704 - LC4706
Motivation and emotion  Emotions BF511 - BF593
Motivation (psychology) BF501 - BF505; 
QP409; HM1201 
Organisational psychology Organizational behavior HD58.7
Psychology, Industrial  HF5548.7 – HF5548.8 
Parenting Parenting HQ755.7 – HQ759.92
Personality psychology  Personality BF698 - BF698.9
Psychology Psychology BF1 - BF990
Psychological testing  Intelligence tests  BF431 - BF433.2 
Personality tests BF698.5 
Psychological tests BF176 - BF176.5 
Psychological tests for children BF722.3 - BF722.35
Teenagers – Psychological testing  BF724.25
Research methods in psychology   Psychology - Research  BF76.5 
Report writing PE1478
Social sciences - Research  H62 - H62.5 
Sensation and perception / Sensemaking & Decision making  Cognitive consistency BF311 
Decision making  BF448 (Psychology) 
HD30.23 (Management) 
QA279.4 – QA279.7 (Mathematical statistics) T57.95 (Industrial engineering)
Executive functions (Neuropsychology)  BF723.C5
Perception BF309 – BF499 
Problem solving BF449 (Psychology) 
QA63 (Mathematics)
Senses and sensation  BD214 (Epistemology) 
BF231 – BF299 (Psychology) 
QP431 – QP495 (Physiology) 
Social perception  BF323.S63 (Psychology) 
HM1041 – HM1101 (Social psychology) 
Social psychology Social psychology  HM1001 - HM1281 
Statistics / Psychometrics Psychometrics; Psychology – Statistical methods  BF39 - BF39.2


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