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This guide shows a list of Subject Terms to search in the Library Catalogue for a particular course subjects. You may also browse the shelves for books by using the Class No. listed in the table below.

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Course Subjects Library Catalogue Subject Terms Location (By Class No.)
Abortion Abortion / Female feticide HQ767 – HQ767.52
Alcoholism Alcoholism HV5001 – HV5720.5; 
RC564.7 – RC565.9 
Animals  Animal rights / Animal welfare  HV4701 – HV4959 
Endangered species / Wildlife conservation  QL81.5 – QL84.7 
Extinct animals / Rare animals  QL88 – QL88.15 
Assisted suicide  Assisted suicide / Euthanasia R726
Medical ethics R724 – R725
Suicide  HV6543 – HV6548
Body image  Body image  BF697.5.B63; 
Crime and punishment  Capital punishment  HV8697 – HV8699 
Crime / Criminology HV6001 – HV7220.5 
Punishment / Criminal justice, Administration of HV7231 – HV9960 
Cyber bullying Cyberbullying  HV6773.15.C92
Cyberstalking HV6773.15.C94
Domestic violence Child abuse HV6626.5 – HV6626.54 
Family violence / Marital violence / Spousal abuse  HV6626 – HV6626.23 
Drug abuse  Drug abuse / Drug addiction  HV5800 – HV5840;
RC563 – RC568 
Eating disorders Anorexia nervosa RC552.A5
Bulimia RC552.B84
Eating disorders  RC552.E18 
Economic issues Labor supply HD5701—HD5852
Unemployment  HD5707.5 – HD5710.2 
Environment  Climate changes QC902.8 – QC903.2
Deforestation  SD418 – SD418.3
Environmental quality GE140 – GE160
Environmental policy GE170 – GE190 
Environmental protection  TD169 – TD171.8 
Global warming  QC981.8.G45
Pollution TD172 – TD193.5
Recycling (Waste, etc.) TD794.5 – TD794.8
Water quality  TD370 – TD375
Ethics  Business ethics  HF5387 
Conduct of life BJ1545 – BJ1695
Corruption  HV6768; 
Ethics  BJ1 – BJ1725
Professional ethics BJ1725 
Family Broken homes HQ638.7; 
Divorce HQ811 – HQ960.7 
Families / Marriage GN480 – GN480.65; 
HQ503 – HQ1064 
Intermarriage / Interethnic marriage / Interracial marriage HQ1031 
Same-sex marriage HQ1033 – HQ1034 
Single parents; 
Single-parent families 
Teenage pregnancy RG556.5; 
Family planning Family planning / Birth control / Reproduction rights  HQ763 – HQ767.7
Gambling  Gambling  HV6708 – HV6722 
Genetic engineering  Gene therapy  RB155.8
Genetic engineering / Cloning  QH442 – QH442.6; 
Genetically modified foods TP248.65.F66 
Human reproductive technology / Fertilization in vitro, Human  RG133.5 – RG135 
Homelessness Homeless persons / Homelessness HV4480 – HV4630.922
Homosexuality Homosexuality HQ75 – HQ76.965 
Gays / Homosexuality / Lesbianism / Male homosexuality  HQ75 – HQ1034 
Same-sex marriage HQ1033 – HQ1034
Sexual orientation HQ23; 
Human rights  Human rights / Civil rights JC571 – JC628; 
K3236 – K3268
Human trafficking Human trafficking HQ281; 
Human smuggling JV6201; 
Hunger Food sovereignty HD9000.5 
Food relief HV696.F6 
Food supply HD9000 – HD9019 (Economics)
Hunger QP141 
Right to food K3260; 
Mass media Mass media P87 – P96
Obesity Compulsive eating RC552.C65
Discrimination against overweight persons RC628 
Obesity RC628 – RC628.5 
Obesity – Psychological aspects RC552.O25
Obesity in adolescence / Obesity in children  RJ399.C6 
Poverty Poor HV4023 – HV4470.7
Poverty  HC79.P6
Prejudice  Prejudices BF575.P9 ; HM1091
Racism  HT1521 – HT1523 
White slavery; 
Sex trade
Prostitution HQ101 – HQ440.9 
Race relations  Ethnic conflict  HM1121; 
GN496 – GN498
Ethnic relations GN496 – GN498
Race relations HT1501 – HT1595
Rape  Rape; 
Sex crimes
HV6558 – HV6569
Rapes as a weapon of war KZ7162
Slavery  Slavery E441 – E453 (United States) 
HT851 – HT1445 (General)
Smoking Smoking; 
Tobacco use; 
Nicotine addiction
HV5725 – HV5770
Social stratification  Caste  GN491.4 (Anthropology) 
HT713 – HT725 (Social classes)
Equality / Discrimination  HM821 (Sociology) 
JC575 – JC578 (Political science) 
Power (Social sciences)  HN49.P6
Social classes HT601 – HT1455 
Social stratification HM821 – HM821.17 
Terrorism​ Terrorism  HV6430 – HV6433.88


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